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Mitigating risk and protecting assets is our specialty. We offer great service and quality support when you need it.

As a Assurem customer, you will have access to our proprietary services and risk management tools. We focus all our resources on protecting our customers best interest.

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Don't assume you're covered, ensure you're covered with Assurem.

Did you know that most goods you ship are insured for only 10 cents per pound, or are not insured at all?

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Put all your liability in scope with Assurem's "Complete Transaction Protection". Our proprietary title transfer system ensures your sale(s) against any loss.

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Easily create labels from top shipping providers from one easy to use web based application.

Freight Finder

Our freight finder services provide you access to the largest fright management systems in the world.

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Simply register the items by filling in the required fields on our online items registration form

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We get to work immediately and provide what is needed to quickly ensure the items are shipped

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Rest assured knowing you're completely covered as the items make their way to their final destination

Step 4

Once the items are received the proper confirmations are sent out and the process is completed

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